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Let's see, where was I Oh yeah, buying parts and tools! Yep, distracted by a few things including what seems to have been a successful install of Omega 450 thanks to you guys for the good advice.

Now it's back to the front end. I've noticed a direct correlation between steering tightness and temperature. Steering gets stiff and slow when it's cold - like its owner, well maybe not always stiff. I can understand grease thickening somewhat but this seems excessive and now I've committed to parts (plus I need fresh fork boots anyway.)

I've read a few threads as well as repair manual.

High level steps are:
  1. Remove tank
  2. Remove hand controls & handle bars
  3. Remove head lamp assembly
  4. Remove front wheel and fender
  5. Drop forks and drain oil
  6. R&R bearings
  7. R&R boots
  8. Reverse to re-install

I've got new bearings, top cap, boots, and fork oil.

On order from Cycle Works and hopefully here by Friday:


The po had progressive springs installed a couple of years ago so I'm not looking to do a full fork rebuild.

A couple of questions come to mind already - oil volume for refill is based on oem spring displacement. Is my best method to measure fluid drained and replace with equal volume?

I understand the top caps can be a bit fiddly - tricks?

Advice for first timers?

Here's the Omega 450 - done!

Boot split

Most of the parts I need

One of you guys had a slow down with the o-ring on bottom, not planning to touch this. (it's not your drink, photo focus fukus)

Get ready for some stupid questions this weekend - and thanks for you help
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