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Wonder how many people have been affected by these dodgy front tires. It's a pity they're having a problem as they are a great tire and handled well on my R1100GS. I have them fitted front and rear on my R100GS albeit with tubes.

The Czech tyre producer Mitas is voluntarily recalling 1,752 tubeless E-07 motorcycle tyres from the market. These tyres were sold to customers mostly in Europe. The tyre sizes subject to recall are:

110/80-19 M/C 59T E-07 TL MI
100/90-19 M/C 57T E-07 TL MI
110/80-19 M/C 59T E-07 DAKAR TL MI

Under extreme conditions the affected tyres can suddenly lose air pressure. Customers can determine whether their tyre is subject to recall by checking the brand name “MITAS”, tyre name “E-07,” inscription “tubeless” and DOT codes ranging from 0111 through to 4812, on the tyre sidewall. No other Mitas tyres are affected.

All customers are advised to contact the point of purchase to discuss options for replacement.

As the Australian distributor, I can tell you that just over 100 of these tyres were sold here. We never brought in the Dakar version, so we are only talking about the two sizes of regular E-07. Prior to June 2012, all of the 100/90-19 size we sold were tube-type (and are unaffected by the recall). From June onwards, we sold the tubeless version. The 110/80-19 has always been tubeless, and we first sold those in December 2011. Therefore, certainly in Australia, the recall affects ALL (and only) TUBELESS 19" E-07 that were sold here.

In 15 years of selling Mitas motorcycle, agricultural and industrial tyres, this is our first ever recall. It is unfortunate, but these things happen and we just want to get the suspect tyres off the streets and to keep riders safe and happy.

All of the dealers that bought these tyres have of course been notified, and we are in the process of speaking to each one of them to follow up. We've already identified a number of tyres that were sitting on dealers' shelves and others that have already been replaced, so we're getting there. Mitas notified the authorities in each of their sales territories as part of their recall procedure, including the ACCC here in Australia. We have found them to be extremely helpful, and they are satisfied with the steps we are taking.

If you, or anyone you know, has fitted 19" E-07 front tyres within the last 2 years, PLEASE ask them to check whether they are the tubeless or tube type construction. If tubeless, they should stop using the tyre immediately and contact their dealer to arrange a replacement. Although Mitas have indicated that the problem is eliminated by using a tube (and we believe about half of these tyres would have been fitted with tubes), our concern is that a tyre could be taken off and find itself being re-used later without a tube. Therefore these tyres need to be destroyed.

We will gladly give you a brand new tyre in exchange for the destruction of your old one.

Again, please contact your dealer in the first instance, but if you have any problems or questions you can contact us directly on 1300 733 031.
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