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Originally Posted by Andreazz View Post
Any aftermarket seat`s that fit a 2012, will fit your 2013
Andreas, that turns into an interesting subject. When I purchased, the dealer said ithe 2012 low seat would not fit. They based it on the different part numbers. Today, after your post, I went to the dealer and said lets try the 2012 lower seat. It sort of fit. When positioned correctly at the front the rear peg is about 1/4 too far. There is enough slack up front to make it fit. The round spacers extend about the same 1/4 inch from the front of the pillion seat. Would a Sargant or Corbin fit? Maybe.

More interesting is that the low seat set me further from the ground than the stock. I have a 30" inseam and the stock is acceptable, barely. Lower would be better. But the low seat, even though it purports to be 3/4" shorter, is wider. I was pretty unstable. I believe I'll just shave the stock down.
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