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From Jandowae I looped up around Diamondy State Forest to Durong.
I had planned to cut across through the forest, but was intercepted by a lovely lady in a big Landcruiser who soon put paid to that idea. According to her, grazing lease rights trump everything..all roads closed!.

Ah well, it looked a bit lonely anyway, so I just went around the long way.

Looking at the topo map at home I saw a “racecourse” marked, out in the middle of nowhere near Chapingah, an old soldier settlement area south east of Durong. I thought I’d check it out, not really expecting to find anything except maybe a few ruins.

Instead I came around a corner to be confronted by the biggest flashest bush racecourse set up you’ve ever seen!

The track

Sounds fair enough

Stables, amenity blocks, hall etc, all well maintained.

All the facilities you might need to conduct a race meeting.

The party’s over? (I swear.I did not set that up)

Now I’m getting back down towards Ironpot again. There was a newer house back down a bit on the other side of the road. No sooner had I got off the bike here when the whole family ( 3 Polaris quad loads) converged on me…..just seeing what I was up to. The bloke was telling me that the racecourse back up the road is Burrandowan……they conduct a pretty big annual race meeting there.

Down and across to Alice Creek at the base of the Bunya Mountains, highest part of South East Qld. until you get into the border ranges.

I was struck by the number of horses I saw on the trip, some fine looking animals too.
Think I read somewhere that there are far more horses in Australia today, than ever at the height of the horse drawn era. Easy to believe.

I should’ve taken more picures on this next section, but isn’t that always the way with the best bits?

When you walk the Barker Creek circuit from Dandabah at the top of the Bunya Mountains you can go to the top of Big Falls, where Barker Creek goes over a sheer rock cliff near the the North East boundary of the National Park. I thought I’d see if I could find a track to get in close enough to see the falls from the bottom.

I’m pretty sure the track goes in off one of these roads. Trouble is, the post turns in the ground and the signs spin on the post. It’s times like this, you’re grateful for FlatEarthTM.

Early Australian “Beware of the Dog” sign?
Actually, it must’ve been the people that gave their name to Barkers Creek.

I should’ve taken more pics in here, but too late now. I found the track and got a few kays in before it started to get a little bit rough and I had a growing awareness of being in there all alone. Then while going up a little hill slow in first gear I ran over a big Red Belly Black snake. That decided it……. this photo is taken just after I turned around!

Reckon I was close, though. I’m pretty sure the falls are just up in there somewhere. I backtracked a bit and tried another side track (I’ve a feeling they may form a loop) but caution got the better of me again. I’ll go back in company.

Back up the track a bit, I came upon this at the entrance of an otherwise unmarked track leading off into the bush. I read it as “No Trespassing” and just quietly moved on.

Heading north again now. With a bit of planning you can go all the way from the Bunyas up to Murgon (or further if you want) with hardly any bitumen.

Most of it is real nice gravel roads like this.

Mixed with a bit of other interesting but easy stuff. This is a section of a road that runs from just east of Kingaroy north towards Wondai.

Another bit of the same road. Doesn’t see much traffic but easy to find and fenced on both sides.

Up and across to Old Wondai Road.

Please telephone in advance to ascertain if Charles is currently in residence.

On the home run now

One last stop along one of my favourites….Cherbourg Forestry Road.
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