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Originally Posted by The Savage Rabbit View Post
2012 990 Adventure with 220 miles on it. Twice while riding slowly at low RPM, I pulled the clutch in to down shift and the engine died. I hit the starter button and it fired right back up. I believe I've read about some stalling issues before. The bike has Akrapovics with a map supplied by the dealer for them. Only using 91 octane from name brand gas stations.

Here's another puzzle, on two or three occasions the bike's clock reset to 12:00 upon starting. The battery terminal connections are tight. Hooked the bike up to a tender tonight and it was fully charged in a few hours.

The bike fires up like a champ. No warning lights. No other signs of an electrical problem.

Any thoughts? Wiring harness worn through and shorting in only a couple hundred miles? Battery issue? Fuel map causing stalling and the clock thing is its own problem? Got the 4 year warranty on this one so I'm not overly concerned. I'd just prefer not to waste time taking it in if the dealer won't be able to replicate the issues (I haven't been able to intentionally replicate either issue) or if they are weird Austrian break-in issues which will go away on their own.
Ask the dealer to bump up the idle speed by 100 RPM and see if the issue goes away. They should be able to plug in and alter this very easily and no charge to you. If not, find someone nearby that has TuneECU and a cable. Doesn't require a 'dyno technician' to make this change, its only a idle speed alteration.

Alternatively, see if the dealer will load the "R" map to the bike. Word on the street its pretty good and might clear up the issue. The Akra maps tend to be overly rich in some areas and really lean in others.....
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