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2013 Bradshaw Bomb Run

D. B. Cooper checking in here! Just woke up from a long winter, hopped on the ADV site and found that the superb
Nationally known Bradshaw Bomb Run will be held again!!! Zoweee! Since the Bomb Run is a "don't miss" event, I
now have it on my calendar as "All of March." That way I can make it there regardless of what day in March comes
out the winner of the date pool. (Try to skip the traditional March flash flood, please!)

My goal this year is to try and stay upright, and not make an ass out of myself again. I'm looking forward to the trip
to the newly found Gold Mine. I lived at a gold mine in my infancy, in the mountains outside Anaconda, Montana. I
have a "thing" about gold mines, but then I guess everybody does. Bring it ON!

I'll be staying at KOA, since my RV balks at any mention of the high speed road to the Gearhart Ranch!

Recently I rode up Fargo Canyon to Thermal Canyon to Churiaco Summit with my son, then back to Indio on the power
line on the south side of I-10, and the ridge route paralleling the Freeway Loop. Rain storms have decimated some of
the trails in that area. We did about 73 miles round trip.

Looking forward to a rousing week-end without bodily injury!

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