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As I have said a while back, any solder I have around is soft enough. I just thought that I would be concerned with the solder being too soft as far as measuring your clearance with the oil baffles on the bearings. The solder might not be hard enough push them down all the way. Oh well, loose doesn't hurt a thing as far as I can tell. Too loose does from what I can tell. Like I said earlier, I think they shift slightly better set up as tight as possible but, then again, I shift my airheads way more often than anyone I have ever ridden with.

I set up all my tranny work including my own setups without the paper gasket. I have never had a problem for it and I do think it is easier to nail the clearance if that is what you want to do. I use Durko there. Actually, I think they hold oil better without the gasket myself.
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