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Day 10: Guerrero Negro to Gonzaga Bay

Today was suppose to be an easy day, we got an early start and no traffic on the road as it was New Years day. The morning was absolutely freezing but we were making good time. Since it was cold we decided to stop at Villa Jesus Maria, about 25 miles into our ride, to warm up and get something to eat.

After warming up for a bit we hit the road again. Baron was in the lead with Chance in the middle and me following behind and we both saw it when it happened... The chain broke on the IT Baron knew what it was and pulled over immediately and started to survey the damage. Luckily the case was intact, no damage but the chain was bent a little bit. So it was time to pull out the tool kit again to see if he could fix it. The master link had broke but Baron had a spare that would work right? Wrong! When Baron had bought the bike the guy told him it was a new chain so Baron didn't really check it out since he had never had a chain fail on him before. When he pulled out his spare master links he noticed that they were 520 O-ring and the one on the bike was a 520 Standard (Non-Oring). Something about the pins not long enough... We were about 7 miles north of Villa Jesus Maria so we decided to tow the IT with the DR back to the gas station and then Baron would ride the DR back to Guerrero Negro to go find a new chain.

We made it back safely to the gas station and Baron took off to G.N. and he returned about an hour later with a couple other riders he met on the way back. No luck in finding a chain in G.N. as it was New Years day and everything was closed. These 2 guys had a couple spare masterlinks but they didn't work either. Thanks for your help!

So it was decision time. We didn't really want to go back to G.N. and wait for a place to open the next day so we continued on towing the IT.

We stopped about every 30 miles for a break as it was slow going because of the wind blowing against us and it was freaking cold. We stopped off for lunch in Rosarito and ran into some riders we had met down in Loreto.

Our next rest stop was at the BOLA junction and some guy pulled off in his car who looked like he was still drunk from celebrating New Years the night before and said he had a truck and could haul the bike up to Chapala, the junction for Coco's corner for $40. He looked a little sketch so we passed as we only had about 30 more miles to the junction and we had already been towing the bike for many miles. Once we made it to the dirt road we were happy to be off Mex 1 but then the boys had a new set of challenges with the rocky road. It was now getting late and by the time we passed Coco's it was after 4pm and the sun was fading fast. I was bummed we didn't have time to stop at Coco's because he wasn't there on our way down and going back we didn't have time to stop off and meet him. Maybe next time. At about 8 miles from Gonzaga Bay Chance caught the front tire of the IT in some sand and both boys went down. It was pitch black out by this time. So for the rest of the way I made sure to stay back next to Chance so he could have some light. We finally rolled into Alphonsina's sometime after six, had a big dinner and went to sleep.

Tomorrow would be our last day on the bikes and we thought our only challenge would be towing the IT back to San Felipe....

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