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Originally Posted by pepetrueba View Post

Any pictures of lights on?
I am running stock plus 2 squadrons but I believe mine is equivalent to a bic lighter at a Led Zeppelin concert compared to your setup

I suppose I could snap a few pics, but honestly, all that you will see in the photos will be a big , bright , single mass of light.

Pepetrueba, about your dual squadron set up,, try different combinations with the beam placement. I have my sqaudron up pretty high, which I believe helps throw the light farther downstream.The sqaudron light is every bit as bright as the onx if you ask me. The onx probably throws the beam a bit farther out. I played with many different blending combinations before finally determining the angles best suited to project a full, far reaching combination beam.
Case in point; the lovely, (and unknowing) CFO was actually roughed up during beta testing of this rig. She was signed on to be the crash test dummy. She gave the lights a good look see when I inquired about her impressions,,,, and then was stuck seing that bright light for about 10 minutes after I had flashed her. She was less than pleased.

Moral of the story, They really are stupid bright.

For safety sake, I am going to stick to a nighttime ban of high beam flash down wars. These lights can momentarily blind you when looking directly into the beam. I have been getting flashed to dim these lights during the afternoons brightest hours. Thats wild.

Thanks for the nice comments gents!!!
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