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Originally Posted by zuma View Post
Bobbers to me are a little like the trend at present for innercity hipsters to ride fixed wheel pushbikes without brakes. Does a fixed wheeler pushie perform as well as a braked and geared bike? No. Is it as safe? No. But somehow it's become cool, no one knows how, but for now considered cool they are.
I'm a fat middle aged guy who prefers to ride his fixed gear bike because it's simple and fun. No gears clattering, no crap on the handlebars, only one cable (I run a front brake). The cows and occasional farmer I pass on the way to work would probably think I'm pretty hip if they ever looked up as I went by. Oh, and my 12.5 mile commute takes right around 40 minutes no matter what bike I pedal. And it's fun.

I never got choppers until I spent some time on some (I work as a test engineer at a proving grounds) and had a blast trying to get them to turn. I didn't care for all the chrome, but I got a feel for the feet up, arms up, bombing riding position. It was fun. And going fast was scary and fun. The most scary and most fun pitched me to the ground at 110mph. The wrist hurt for months, but the long slide was fun once I got used to it.

Last summer my son and I bobbed an old Kaw something or other. It cost me about $300. We started the project by taking off anything we thought looked dumb and wound up with a pretty clean looking bike. It has a skateboard deck covered in kayak foam for a seat. It still has shocks because they looked right. I think that many of you would hate it. It's fun to ride and fun to look at and we had fun building it.

If you take yourself serious enough with all of this judging you might miss out on some fun. That would be a shame.
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