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I declare winter officially over in southern California. To celebrate, and because I'm a little ahead in my work obligations, I'm taking the rest of this week and the weekend for Air assembly.

About your soldering iron question, do you mean for splicing wires and such? I don't remember the last time I soldered a wire splice connection on a bike or car. I'll solder one or two types of connector contacts, but for wire splicing it's always a crimp connection.

For a capable workaday soldering iron, a good value is the Hakko FX-888, which is a remake of the model 936.

And you cannot fail with Kester 60/40 solder, .031" thick, with the common #66 core and '44' rosin flux. (The original 'no clean' flux, heh heh.) Use distilled water in the cleaning sponge reservoir, and keep your tip clean as they say.

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