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Originally Posted by shaddix View Post
Wow yeah all the wires are burned up and frayed. I unplugged something now the headlight won't com on anymore. I will have to read up. Looks like this is gonna suck lol. I was about to sell it too

Ugh wiring harness 300 bucks really? I think I should take it to a dealer
Shop hourly rate varies ... probably between $65 to $90 per hour. Sorting out burnt out wiring harness is very labor intensive ... especially if they give the job to the young apprentice .
I'd guess maybe 8 hours of shop time to re-wire the bike?

You need to find a good friend who likes Beer ... and also knows how to read a wiring harness and use a VOM (volt-Ohm meter) It's not so bad for an experienced electrical guy.

If not too many of your wires are burnt ... just go back in and solder in replacement wires. Try to color match and used same gauge wire. Also, you've got to find what the original problem was ... or the same thing will happen again.

Good luck!
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