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Anyone who can give me a hint how to get these to load automatically, the help would be much appreciated!!!
To load photos automatically you have to use "IMG" tags on both sides of the internet address for the online location of the photo. start the IMG tag with [IMG] and after the full internet address for the photo close the image tag with [/IMG]

This site will do it automatically for you. You need to copy the image address to your clipboard (right click on the image in smugmug then click on "copy image address") then go the the reply box on ADV and click the yellow icon with the mountain in it (it's over the white box where you type in your response). When the new window pops up, paste the image address location (Ctrl V) into the white area for the text in same new window. Hit enter and the image is added to your reply with the "IMG" tags in place on both sides. If you preview the reply your image should open automatically.

Like so..... Please PM me if you need further guidance.


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