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Originally Posted by zenduddhist View Post
Hey Guys,

2009 Sherpa: I too have a hard time with cold start. Already added the 130 main jet and 20 pilot jet. What I found is that if I loosen the screw that allows the float bowl to drain, and leave it open until I get a nice flow coming for about 5 seconds, then shut the drain screw, it will start easier. Sometimes, that is on the only way to get it to start. Sounds like I am not getting enough fuel after it sits awhile? Maybe too much?

Also, probably related, I took the fuel tank off the bike and I can't get the fuel to completely stop coming out of the bottom of the petcock. I have tried it in both the "on" position and the "reserve" position. Obviously, when I put it in "prime" position, I get a lot of gas coming out, but when I switch to "on" or "reserve" it still drips.

Conclusions anyone?



Hmm. Did you adjust the screw in the carb when you did the jets? If you're not letting the bike sit for a while, it shouldn't need any priming. If it sits for more than several days, you might flip the petcock to "prime" for ~10 seconds or so, then try to start the bike. Don't forget to flip it back to "on" (down) once running. Maybe try a different brand of gas for your next tank as well? Might be getting some suspect gas and the water is separating in the float bowl.
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