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if shipping your Bike via airfreight, it's no longer legal to leave LiFePO4 battery in cargo hold.
based on DOT formula, it's legal to carry on largest size LiFePO4 available from Earth-X and Shoria

What is the Total Equivalent Lithium Content of My Battery?
figuring using DOT formula below

mAh/1000 x V = wh

Earth-X ETX24 = 6.3 actual amp hour
6.3 (actual AH) x 13.2 (nominal volt LiFePO4) = 83.16 watt hour

problems: TSA will look at ETX24 label as 24AH, instead of actual 6.3 AH measured
Yes most LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries will pass, if TSA uses actual instead of inflated lead acid equivalent AH measurements.


Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC). ELC is a measure by which lithium ion batteries are classified.
  • 8 grams of equivalent lithium content are equal to about 100 watt-hours.
  • 25 grams of equivalent lithium content are equal to about 300 watt-hours.
You can arrive at the number of watt-hours your battery provides if you know how many milliamp hours and volts your battery provides:

mAh/1000 x V = wh

Most lithium ion batteries marketed to consumers are below 100 watt-hours (8 grams ELC). If you are unsure of the watt-hour rating of your lithium ion battery, contact the manufacturer.

Lithium Batteries. When you see this term alone on SafeTravel pages, it refers to both lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are a typeof lithium ion battery, and are included in this term.
Lithium Ion Batteries. These are rechargeable lithium batteries, similar to those found in cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, and radio-controlled toys. Lithium polymer batteries are those types of lithium ion batteries. Larger Lithium Ion Batteries contain between 8 and 25 grams Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC). Some very large after-market laptop computer batteries, and some batteries used for professional audio-visual application, fall within this definition.
Smaller Lithium Ion Batteries contain up to 8 grams Equivalent Lithium Content. Cell phone batteries and most laptop computer batteries fall below the 8 gram threshold.
Lithium Ion Batteries with more than 25 grams ELC are forbidden in air travel.

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