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Thanks Wayne,

I'm anxiously awaiting my Mosfet RR's arrival. For the last year I've been charging at about 13.1-12.9 at 5000 RPM. Idle seems to charge around 13.3 I've been wanting to add aux lights but reluctant because of that. Hopefully now with a fully operation charging system I can breathe easy.

go a head and add your aux lights now. It will make no difference to your existing rr or the stator. the nature of BMWs design is that the stator generates 100% of the power it is able all the time. (why it gets so hot) and the RR shunts the power not needed to ground.

It appears that the newer version shunts at a hight voltage than earlier one. It is not clear to me that this helps or hurt stator over heating. (unknown internal RR design switching/shunting on voltage or more sophisticate voltage/current sense is unknown to me)
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