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... When I had a brand new 2011 F650GS, it would sometimes stall when I'm coming to a stop, as I pull in the clutch.. I wonder if that's related.. It only did it 2 or 3 times in the 2000 km that I owned it.. I attributed this to rider error.. although I couldn't figure out what the error; coming to a stop at a traffic light, I pull in the clutch and it would stall.
My stalling was same as yours, or occasionally when taking off from a stop while letting the clutch out ... but it never seemed (to me) that either case was my fault when taking off I had fairly "healthy" throttle applied when it stalled, and when coming to a stop the clutch lever was already at the hand-grip when it stalled....

There's no way to know, but I wonder if the BMS-K has some algorithm in it that modifies the FPC control line when it detects the clutch has toggled from engaged --> disengaged or vise-versa ... that would kind of make sense because if the clutch is disengaged you should be able to cut way back on the fuel pump output, and as the clutch gets let out you would want to give the output a healthy bump up in order to cover the new demand for fuel ...

Maybe the way that was implemented it freaked out the controller....
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