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(I always feel a bit weird when I post content an inmate posts elsewhere, but . . .)

Scotty Breauxman wrote an article on Race Dezert on how having Casselli and Campbell ride so well increased interest in the Dakar in the U.S.:


". . . the United States is a leader in motorsports racing yet our racing culture is very different than other parts of the world (i.e.: the difference between NASCAR and WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP). This divergence in culture is what makes the DAKAR seem so foreign. No American has ever won the DAKAR and only a relative few have even tried. But once a fan or racer gets their first taste of the DAKAR, they become hooked. . . . When that happens, the US sponsors will grow a few pairs and start supporting our best racers in the world’s premier Rally Raid."

read the rest here
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