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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
Can we get a picture of what your wires look like? If they're all totally trashed, then yeah, you might have to just buy a new wiring harness (check ebay and local wrecker yards first), but if it's only one or two problem wires, soldering and shrinking is going to be fine.
The harness is all melted together in two places, I can take pics this weekend

Originally Posted by 1989THEARK View Post
You make 18 an hour and will be paying 600 dollars if you dont find the problem the FIRST time.

i've replaced a few wiring harnesses myself in cars.

if it turns out the charging system is what melted the wiring harness in the first place you run the risk of not only burning a few wires.

but setting the bike on fire.

your choice. But if you set the bike on fire. can i have your foot pegz?
Yeah I'm just gonna take it to a dealer ._.
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