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Originally Posted by wfopete View Post
I find it a little surprising that your XR is "overheated scorching the full synthetic oil" if everything is "right". I've raced my 86 model for years in muddy conditions and never had that problem. Ok, my bike is equipped with an OEM oil cooler. Still...maybe if your stuck in a 1st gear mud rut for 15 minutes it will get that hot. Maybe your jetting is too lean or your oil level was low?

Gotta love that Oklahoma red dirt, eh?

I wasn't stuck, just moving about 3 mph in 1st gear, I was really tired and the mud was winning It was my 2nd attempt at an enduro. The valves were out of adjustment as well contributing to the problem. That Red dirt is evil, stains everything...


I have a friend with a XR400 who made the same recommendation, which is a good idea. I was wonder if someone has tapped into one of the oil lines or used some other means like a liquid crystal thermometer stuck on the frame.
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