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More on Motorrad's 50K teardowns

After posting the link to Motorrad's 50,000km teardown of the Multi 1200, and taking a gander at their similar piece on the Yamaha Super Tenere, I took time to wade through a few more of their recent efforts.

(For anyone interested in doing the same, here is the link to Motorrad's endurance test home page, which carries the latest pieces and a test-finder search tool. Use google translate.)

The more I browsed, the better the Multi 12 looked. Among the disasters and near-disasters:

BMW K1300GT: Clutch exploded at 25,000km, famously blowing a hole in the crankcase and killing the engine, then 10,000km later a big-end bearing blew in the new motor. Among multiple other woes including worn final drive. (A K1200S did much better.)

KTM RC8 superbike: Front cylinder big-end bearing failed at 1700km, factory fitted "revised" engine with better finished bearing, front big-end blew again at 26,000.

Suzuki GSX-R750: At 50,000km all valves burnt and badly in need of replacement; big-end bearings worn; sixth gear about to collapse.

R1200GS: Catastrophic gearbox failure at 37,000km. (But the engine at 50,000km could be bolted back together without changing parts, despite wear marks visible on the big-ends.)

Among the most impressive:

GSX-R1000: valves and pistons spotless, hone marks still on bores, entire engine could be bolted back together.

Overall: Ducati technicians commented after the teardown of a 1098 that the bike had been used "primarily in short-haul operation", and from other comments it appears these test bikes do lots of commuting and are not spared during cold German winters. Tough tests, then. A high proportion of the bikes pulled down exhibited wear marks on the big-ends.

The other point worth making is about the small sample size: it is impressive that a magazine does this at all, but nevertheless Motorrad does it to only one example of each bike, making luck a significant factor.

Motorrad could have got one of the Multi 12s whose cylinder heads have failed, in which case the result would have looked rather different. They did not, and after reading all this guff my confidence in the build quality of the Multi has risen.
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