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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
"They all do that" ....

Sorry ... couldn't resist....

Mine when new had some oil or melted assembly lube leak out of the weep hole,
then later started leaking coolant on hot days in stop-go traffic.

Dealer finally replaced pump under warranty and it was a redesigned part....

If not under warranty, the pump can be disassembled, and there are a couple of o-rings in there that might be causing the issue.


Also, the radiator does not ALWAYS refill its self from the overflow bottle when it gets low.
I would check the coolant level at the radiator by first pinching off the tubing/line that goes from the overflow bottle to the radiator, and then taking the cap off (bike cold), and see how low you are....

Ha! If I had a dime for every time my dealer has said "they all do that" I could buy a candy bar.

I guess I will have to check the coolant system... apparently I need to remove the right side fairing to even access the cap

From reading that thread you quoted and the other comments on this thread it seems like this is coolant and the seals on the water side of the pump need to be replaced... Obviously my bike is conveniently out of warranty so I will try to find the seals and do it myself.

Has anyone has luck ordering just the o-rings for the water pump? Can someone recommend a source for the fancy required nitrite free coolant?
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