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converting Strada to ??? sized wheels for dirt use...????

Originally Posted by trapperj View Post
I bought a new Husqvarna Strada this past weekend. Wifes approval was only for the black the Terra (red) that comes with proper sized wheels doesn't come with abs. So I bought the black Strada...knowing full well I'd be calling Woodys for spoked wheels. My question is what else will be needed to make the abs function on the blacktop? The Husky has the magic button so it'll be easy to turn off the abs once in gravel/dirt..also since its not a full balls to the wall dirt bike...what tires would you suggest ? No single track for me ...or at least not much. I will stick mostly hard dirt with a lot go gravel.?..but still will spend most time on blacktop just getting there..thanks
hi,in a nutshell[sorry am severlely crimped for time]

1,,,do you have wires or mags on your strada??
2,,,what size rrims were you hoping to get ??just front or both???
3,,so far all rim size changes have not affected the ABS systems...
4,,what is affected is speedo/odometer readings,,,FYI some bikes have re-calibration circuits,,,yours???
5,,keeping it mostly on pavement and fire roads i'd opt for our 50-50 set-up cpnsisting of 19/17 combo ,,you'll have the biggest selection of dual-sport tires available,i bet 905 of all dual sports come in this configuration,,since the marketing types know most of you will spend most of your time in the scenarios you just gave me...

hope that helps
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