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Thank you guys!

One reason I am doing the trip planning is that I was laid off in December of 2010. I took a ten week trip January to March of 2011 while I made a move from Wisconsin to North Carolina.

I have had well over forty interviews in the last two years. (I am NOT exagerating either). It has been extremely frustrating. I try not to get my hopes up for interviews, but I still do anyhow.

This last rejection was really painful as it was for the PERFECT job for me... field work 80% of the time. Planning a trip keeps me from going completely insane... which I still feel I do on certain days...

I figure... FUCK IT... life is too short to be totally miserable. I am looking at a graduate shcool program I would need to be back for by August 15th.

IF I can take three or four months to hit up the majority of the places I haven't seen out west... that would be completely awesome. The trip I took in 2011 was one of the best things I have ever done...

Here is a link to that trip on badweatherbikers. You have to go to the main page and then start at the bottom of the "Archives" and work your way up to look at it in order.

Any and all help is appreciated.

While I feel in a way I am over planning... I probably won't get a GPS or make any reservations for accomodations... leaving plenty of time to ramble around and check all the cool things out!

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