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Originally Posted by nova rider View Post
i've done it in 2.5 days. Here's thirteen tips i've learned from experience, or been given by some hard corps ld riders:
  1. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.. You could use a camelback, but limited capacity and weight on your back. I used this: iirc, 160 ounces of liquid goodness. A folded hotel hand towel under the front of the coleman kept everything level. Fill with ice/water and ride. This is just one options, some bungee a cylindrical cooler to the passenger peg, working especially well if you have panniers;
  2. don't dawdle at gas stops. That wasted time adds up. Gas up, use the facilities, and go. My stops were about 8-10 minutes. You can eat and drink on the road. I find in the heat i don't eat much, but drink h2o constantly;
  3. bicycle shorts. They work;
  4. monkey butt/gold bond medicated powder. Either works well;
  5. beef jerky/banana chips. Texture, protein and potassium. Pack it on the bike, saving more time at stops;
  6. down a gatorade as needed, especially if the temps are super high;
  7. if temps are super high, pack your suit with ice at each stop. You get about 60 minutes of evaporative cooling;
  8. i start at 4 - 5 am each day, as i prefer knocking out miles early, keeps me in a good mindset all day. I ride until 10 or 11, later if needed;
  9. stop on the far side of the big city. You avoid traffic the next morning (but leaving early obviates that);
  10. make sure you are super visible. Reflective tape on your panniers, helmet, and reflective strips on your suit will help you be seen, and survive;
  11. pack light (or half of what you think you'll need). You don't need much, and if you break down, see 12 below; and
  12. get towing coverage from your insurance. Will save you tons if/when your bike breaks down; And
  13. finally, consider getting an ezpass/fastpass. Depending on your route, will save you tons of time at toll roads.
good luck.
great write up!
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