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Sitting comfortably at a fancy laundromat with internet! Awesome!
The road along the coast yesterday was pretty spectacular in places, not so nice in other places.......
After spending a week in the forest I need to get desensitized again, if there is such a thing. I can't help but imagine what some of the places looked like years ago, before all the buildings along the coastline. Not sure what good it will do me seeing as we can't go back or undo any of it, at least not on a massive scale. Hmmmm, mother nature can though!

This reminded me of the ride to the Keys, I do love riding over bridges that span water. These are the bridges leading to St George island

Once I got to St George's island, this pretty lighthouse greeted me.

The island itself is totally built full. One house after the other, hugging the coastline, so that I barely saw the ocean.

On my way back, now toward Cape San Blas.

It looked like the state park at the end of the peninsula was gorgeous, but the ranger wouldn't let me go and take a look without paying $6. I thought it way to steep to just make a loop around the area.
The camping was going to be $26 plus tax, and I decided to just wing it and see if I could find a cheaper or free place.

Heading up to Pine Log state forest, where I thought a campsite should be.

Well, what happened you read in my previous post.
I had a hard time falling asleep again afterward, but I finally succumbed. I tossed and turned and had some crazy weird dreams! The coyotes where howling, and the fact that there was a bear crossing sign not too far away made me a bit edgy.
I woke up at 6 , made a cup of coffee and hit the road by 8. Wow, another record!
It was not nearly as cold as before, in the low forties. She sun rose unrestricted and warmed up the campsite and dried my tent fairly fast.

Now, doesn't this look like a campsite?

I diligently went to the booth and paid my $2 for day use, (hmmm, they need to rephrase that one, according to me a day is 24 hours

Hugging the coast line to Destin. There were places like Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Hollywood Beach, Riviera Beach etc. Hmmmm, very original!

A gated community

Awesome little place

I had to stop and turn around to take a picture of this!

Not all the buildings looked like this, but I think this is the feel they were aiming for

Mural at a sunny sport building in Destin.

As soon as the laundry is done I will grab a bite to eat, and head for a free campsite near the army base.
Before I do however I will visit Ford Pickens state park at the end of golf boulevard.
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