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Originally Posted by Box'a'bits View Post
I do the filter every second oil change..
Yes, I have recently started doing that since reading " Guzziology" ( a good practical book). He describes the oil system as 'the sewer' .....I've always thought of it as the blood supply but it both really. He said that the filter does not need to be changed each time as it catches large particles and the smaller ones just keep on circulating in the oil.
I was down at Supercheap yesterday and picked up some Castrol 4T motorcycle oil, usually I use GTX or any cheap one as there is no clutch to worry about....but now I worry about lack of some substance that flat cam followers need and it not always there.
On a Norton forum some of them use diesel oil as it exceeds the specs of the petrol ones. you were.

On cleaning, avoid using a water blaster near any bearings as water gets in and stuffs them....common on dirt bikes, bearing shops love waterblasters.....I suggested to the local one they should give them away to customers....
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