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Originally Posted by Tom Blum View Post
I am planning to spend the month of February in Oaxaca. I planned to take my Van with my Kawa 250 on a rear rack. I have insurance on both.
I just caught a phrase "only one vehicle per person is allowed" AY Chichuahua!!

Does anyone know if this is fact?? or can I get continue as planned and check through the border without major problems.

Since I leave Saturday, a quick reply from a knowledgeable person would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I don't know Shit from Shinola, but here is your quick reply. What I do know is that you can import both vehicles on one TVIP with a catch. That 250 won't technically be allowed on the road.

Why? Like you likely could have caught from earlier posts especially in the Is Mexico Safe? thread, your van will have it's full VIN listed, that bike will only have a partial VIN listed. This is pursuant to the stipulation that only one road vehicle is allowed per TVIP. The bike would be considered a recreational vehicle. Essentially, the officiales will be letting you bring it in as an off-road bike.

The two indicators to you and to those officials who care that the bike is not allowed on the road are (1) the truncated VIN, and (2) the fact that it isn't appearing on its very own TVIP. The fact that it's listed on the "primary" TVIP for a vehicle with a fully listed VIN is the big tag.

Having said all of this. Would I bring the bike into Mexico as described and then ride it on the road? jajajajja ask me that over a tequila. Your bike is plated, right? And nobody I know is putting their bike's TVIP on the windscreen anymore. We're all keeping them in the tank bag or pannier. So your bike won't stand out because you don't have a TVIP sticker on it. Roadside inspections? Let's just say that last week, when I returned, I completed a trip where I didn't see even a military checkpoint going north. Could you be waived over by the Federal Police? Sure. Would they check your TVIP? In theory they might. It's your call. I think the chances are slim you would be caught. IMHO you would be taking a small, calculated risk riding a "secondary vehicle" on the highways. I think you would get away with it, but hey, you heard the disclaimers.

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