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Holy Cow, guess I missed an email so ADV quit sending notifications of new posts!

Thank you everyone for the comments and thread bumps ;)

I'm working on a run and have lots of machining work ahead if me since my mill was down since the 4th. Had to rebuild the spindle and rewire the motor... fun stuff!

Prior- thanks for the congratulations, but I don't think they printed it yet did they??? I think it will be in the March issue, possibly even under the "MC TESTED" section which would be killer!

Surprisingly I've had more international orders so far in 2013 than domestic! Including Australia (Backonthebike- never heard back from them BTW), Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, and of course the Ever-Awesome-winter-warriors to my North: CANADA! I figure about an order a day is great for the dead of winter with no advertising yet. I'm excited for summer to roll around because when orders pick up I can start working on some new ideas (including some neat ADV toys :)

I'm so glad all the reviews are positive and exciting! I could hand out free money and one in 10 people would complain they have to pay taxes on it... THANK YOU GUYS!

I started throwing in an insert begging purple to post reviews on other sites too. I started to sign up for a few other forums and they are almost all owned/managed by and require I pay monthly to even post. Seems kind of strange to make it harder for businesses to offer discounts to your members.
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