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Originally Posted by mark1305 View Post
Thanks all. I guess they will last a good long while. I had read somewhere on the usegroup/newsgroup I hung out on to self-teach myself welding & cutting that it was a prudent thing to do. And I am a little paranoid about OA after some of the stories posted by pros on that group.
I can certainly understand your cocerns- look back a few pages and you will see that I had same concerns myself a few back.

Replacement of the rings is not a bad idea as if they are bad you can get a flashback through the torch body. But other than the rings there isn't much else involved in a torch. Get the proper orings and install them yourself. Honestly it is easy. Not to be blunt, but if you can't handle replacing few orings you are probably gonna want to leave the oxy-fuel torch alone. ;-)
Oh yeah- install flashback arrestors, at least at the regulator.

I started with o-a a few months ago, bought a training dvd at Northern Tool for 30 bones.. VERY helpful and I recommend this highly!

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