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A bit if a side-track but for what it's worth I used ER6's for years and loved them, articulate but natural sound, excellent isolation, fit under the full-face. Unfortunately, they died on the way back from Texas last year and none of the current Etymotics seem to be low enough to fit comfortably under my helmet. I'm trying a new type tho: Westone UM1's, they fit much more snugly and I think should work well tho I need some long days in the saddle to be sure.

And, back on track: I think the video review is about right. I did find, however, for sustained long distances, particularly with taller riders, the Honda seems to be bit more comfortable and you can't beat the range. It is more expensive tho you don't need too look to hard for a deal on a left over to fix that.
Thread hijack ON: I know several riders who use the ER6s and love 'em. Etymotic seems to make pretty good earbuds. I certainly enjoy mine.

Thread hijack OFF
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