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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
"They all do that" ....
Actually.........all the parallel twins do at first. S, ST, R, GS After every PDI ride of the F's I had to wipe down the coolant from the weep hole. It was coming from the dynamic seals and went away by the first inspection after the seals had broken in.

The air space between the two o rings 11 is no mans land. If oil gets by the inside o ring it'll drip out of the weep hole. If coolant gets by the outer o ring AND/OR the dynamic seal, it'll weep out the same hole. Prob is, if it's coolant it MAY be just the o ring, or MAY be the dynamic seals. Gambling man?

Just to add complexity, the early bikes had metal drive gears on the engine and pump and this was later changed to plastic. Can't have both, can't get the metal geared pump anymore so make sure you use the same material gears, swapping from your old pump if nec.

I didn't read the threads in F8org where JrWoody also stalks so this may be old news.

Oh, and that Dealer bought whatever coolant from the local "outlet" and didn't use BMW rebranded expensive crap (the blue stuff).
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