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As the airhead forum moderator on the BMWMOA forum has a call out for new oil analysis info, it's obviously not easy info to come by? How/where are you guys getting the ZDDP content for the various oils mentioned here. It seems like a no brainer to use the cheapest dino oil in the correct weight & also containing adequate zinc. So, where do you go for these figures mentioned?
FWIW, in my oilhead I use Syn Rotella T-6.
This is a point I raise every time Oil comes up. This is why I buy BMW or Spectro oils. I don't know the exact content of these oils but I believe they are high enough.

If you look back to post #8 Backdrifter posted link to another discussion on another forum about the content of ZDDP in motor oils. The letter from Pennzoil is interesting and may have bearing but it is 2.5 years old. Things change awfully fast in this game and I would like something more current.

I was in Advance Auto yesterday and checked the oils out. There was one, I forget the name brand, but there was one that mentioned it had ZDDP. It did not say how much but it was the first time I have seen ZDDP mentioned on an oil label.

The other thing I noticed was that every single oil they had for sale had a rating of SN.
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