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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
That is exactly what we call a Yard Sale here too.
I have a bunch of those Xrays too.
It looked like rider error for sure, but calling him *#@** stupid is stupid on your part...just cause you won't do that does NOT mean someone else is stupid because they DO do it.
Stuff happens....
We all make mistakes. A minor error sometimes cost alot.

I applaud him for pushing a big bike and not just putting to Starbucks. Get well soon.
He was riding over his head. That's stupid. Group of guys with too much testosterone flowing. Not knowing you're over your head is really stupid. Riding over your head that far from help is incredibly stupid.
No I don't just ride to starbucks. But I'm not racing and I don't ride like I am. The farther away I am from help the more conservative I'll be. I save the 'pushing the bike' for the track or a closed course where there's help close by.
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