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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
In other words... if "Cyril" defects... it WON*T be just Cyril... cause in wasn't "just Cyril" what won dakar 2013...?
And Faria wins for KTM in 2014.

HRC looks like it plans to put together an "All Star" team. That's not a bad approach but it's no guarantee for success. As demonstrated by many sporting events utilizing assemblages of stars, the level of play often does not rise to expectations.

Just using Cyril as an example, HRC may be able to hire his skills, supply him with a competitive ride, and back it all up with a competent support crew and supplies. All of that is necessary for a win but not sufficient. Will HRC also provide the personal trainer who knows just what CD needs to be in top condition on race day? Will HRC proved CD with the kind of personal support that allows him to stay focused on racing and not worries at home? All the other elements such as cultural differences, team dynamics, depth, personal relationships, inspiration, and drive must also align for success.

KTM is just a piss in the ocean compared to Honda Motor Company yet they have been able to assemble a winning Dakar team for the last 12 years. There is some kind of magic there. No doubt Faria is loyal by nature but there must also be something about the way KTM runs their Dakar effort that makes him give them his blood, sweat, and tears as a support rider. When it comes to Dakar, KTM has something special that drives the team to succeed.

A good example of that "something special" dates back to the beginning of the last century. Samuel Langley was given $50,000 by the US War Department and $20,000 from the Smithsonian Institute in 1898 to develop a piloted flying machine. He was the head of the Smithsonian, had a seat at Harvard, was well connected, and hired the best minds money could buy. Regardless of all that might, it was a couple of driven brothers and their small team with no college education, working off the profits of a bicycle shop, that first took to the air.
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