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The GSA still has plenty of power.. I don't compare it at all to the KTM really.. they're so different.. I guess I just thought(regardless of my other bike experience) that the boxer 1200 would pull harder and being this new engine sound like it wants to rev more.. reality is this is a torque engine, it's all about riding in the torque band (which is different, though nice)..

there's something I really like about a bike that has the appeal of an industrial air conditioner.. I like looking at the Fuel Range.. 430km to go... I would love to make it 700km! .. probably would if I could :-)

yes the KTM990 Adv does vibrate a fair bit.. it has sweet spots but generally you are either below that(vibration then) or above that.. thinking more about life preservation than vibration.

The KTM is no where near as comfy as the GSA on road...
the KTM is AWESOME to ride, onroad, off road, single track, fire trails.. hands down kills the GSA.
the KTM does dip in the front under braking - the GS does not.. that is very cool I think.. but not practically a problem - very cool through Mr BMW.
the GSA.. with that killer suspecnsion - is very smooth over crappy roads..perhaps better than the KTM.. but definitely very confidence inspiring.
the GSA - they just have some super appeal.. I'm falling in love with the ugly big aluminium boxes.. love what I can carry.
the KTM is very simple, in comparison.. I like that.. no wierd shit to go awry in the bush - again, in comparison.
the KTM feels like a trail bike on 'roids.. the achitecture, angles, seat,, all feel like a big ass trail bike.
the KTM, when you take the panniers off, remove the mirrors, drop the levers.. is VERY capable.. I was riding with a DRZ400 traily on the weekend and there is no where he could go that I couldn't .. we would have left a GS miles back.
the GS feels like a road bike, with off road style.. I would NOT feel confident looking at some snotty hill on the GSA thinking, I have to make it over that because there is no other way..on the KTM, no worries.

- I got the KTM for the ability to point my nose at a bunch of routes/tracks and know I would get over pretty much anything - regardless of track condition.
- I got the GSA to ride on 'roads' .. and if there are unsealed sections then that's cool .. but it's not a bike I'll ever remove the mirrors, drop the levers and have a go at some single track on.

IT's quit funny, even wriitng this I feel the need to add a little line to defend the GSA.. why..? they do have some real cult status, I would say from McGregor/Boorman .. but here's the interesting thing, thoe two were knocked back by KTM.. commercial suicide on KTM's behalf! .. they asked KTM first.. and, having seen their DVD's.. they would have found the trip much easier on the KTM 990 Adv.. MUCH easier.. though, for the long boring, sealed roads.. they definitely would have needed and airwolf seat!
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