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I have over 50,000 miles on mine. I have had many bikes in my over 20 years of riding, and this is the ONLY bike that I have never considered trading-in or selling. The only issue was that the clutch had to be replaced because of a clutch slave cylinder leak. I've used it to tour, commute to work, go off-road (trails, not rock hopping), and it has NEVER left me stranded. I've also owned other BMW's and say without hestitation that this model is the answer I was looking for. Prices vary from town to town, but I think that price is a tad high. That said, If you have the same experience that I have from this model, ANYTHING that you can actually pay and not hurt yourself or your family would be worth it. Because of it's limited years, it gets a lot of looks, and a lot of questions, so, be ready.
2004 BMW Rockster
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