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Originally Posted by falconati View Post

Please, for the love of christ just be small if you're going to take a middle seat. If you're large, buy a better ticket.

Back on topic....I just use a Ducati-branded Puma messenger bag, though I've been looking at what bags Prada/Cartier offer. There's not a lot out there if you're used to a larger bag and want something very nice and high-quality leather. If you're looking for just something there are tons of options. Really anything will do, but Tumi makes nice quality stuff (so does Samsonite, though many items have gone down in quality recently).

PS posting from first class on a plane right now using Bose QC15s
I'm suffering in 2a right now. Couldn't get an aisle. Though, it's nice to not be jostled by shopping bags, carried by the unwashed, being loaded into the back.
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