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Originally Posted by Domiken View Post

I left to go buy a 74' Suzuki GT250, I should have probably stayed at the show hehe this thing needs work, but I can't wait to have it running again. I have no idea where to even get tires for this thing, but ill figure it out. Just got the POR-15 today and hopefully Neftali can paint it.

Who's your paint guy (is Neftali on the forums)?

I'm POR-ing the tank from my 78 GS1000, though I've been holding off out of inertia and a vague fear of messing it up somehow.
I'd love to see a photo of the 250. Holler if you need any help as well. If it isn't too different than its big brothers, I have a ton of experience "fixing" those old zukes from my 850 (I like to think of it as learning by breaking).
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