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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
People around here crack me up.

RV had 2 tough rounds, one which turned out ok and one which did not, and one win on the season and people are ready to annoint him the new champ before the other 14 rounds are run.

And then there is Stewart. People have been bitching for years that he doesn't finish a championship but this year he has a knee serious knee injury and commits to finish the series anyway, and you guys continue to hack on him for that.

I want to see Stewart get healthier and faster as the year goes on, just to make some of you look as ridiculous as you sound.
So do I. Stewart is an animal when healthy. Barcia at this point is a question mark. I like Canard a lot. Reed may be too old. Milsaps is doubtful for me. RV still looks to be the best of the lot. What your prediction or do you just wait until the end to say I told you so?
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