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Originally Posted by spo123 View Post
IF, I am not mistaken.....and I just may be....was there a C,F,O 1977 BMW R100RS model that was early and still did NOT have the 40mm carbs and 40mm exhaust........californikation, florida, oregon......
Possibly, I am thinking of the later R100CS models, with the aforementioned designation....(SMOG).
Was going to mention the CFO bit earlier today but got busy again. My '77 (build Fall '76) was a CFO and those letters are stamped above the engine # over the oil filler IIRC. I was told and read innumerable times that it did stand for CA, FL, and OR and had to do w/ emissions. There was no emissions gear or plumbing on mine, but it sure had 38mm pipes and maybe the valves were smaller-- can't remember arcane stuff on the RS anymore, sold it in 2001.

It's without question collectible, and with one in that unmolested shape i'd be tempted to take it home too.

But equally without question is that there are many many more Airhead models that are superior bikes to ride.

Hell man, just get it
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