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About 20+ years ago some trail guys put on a couple hare scrambles. Decent turnout, but as with many things up here there are a handful of guys that do all the work and they get tired of it.

I think with the amount of KTM's and Husqvarnas dedicated to trails, the trail riding population has grown quite a bit. That and people realize that there's more to off road than the MX track. Don't get me wrong, I love the MX track, but trails are just a different beast.

I'm happy to keep my ear to the ground for you. I try and point all new trail guys to this site to try and form a "group" of sorts. If you can't have an organized race, at least ride with some friends.

Up north, Fairbanks/North Pole/Delta Junction/Toke, that's some of the best riding in the state, if not THE best riding in the state.
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