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Originally Posted by RocketMoto View Post

You have our PDM60 Wiring Kit, right? The ground bus cable will accommodate 8 ring lugs for ground connections, without having a mess on the negative battery terminal. We started including the ring lugs after you purchased the kit, I think.

Is there something we can help with?
I do have that, thanks...waiting on that part of the install and thinking about where to locate that...toward the front or back...I find myself wishing I had two convenient frame grounding points; one up in the beak area, one mid-bike or further back.

Perhaps something for RocketMoto to consider for future R+D continuing to make the PDM60 a turn key setup would be to locate a couple of frame-based ground locations and include two shorter grounding posts to connect to those frame points...perhaps even replacement bolts for those grounding points, if needed. That would take the battery out of the equation, reducing clutter there.

Just thinking out of the box...what helps you helps us ;>
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