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Originally Posted by mr. matteeanne View Post
How does that ruin it for anyone? I plate them simply so I can ride our forest roads that require plates. Kitsap does not require an inspection on any vehicle. A life time of riding our forest roads, (in my hood) I have never ever seen any authority other than Conservation officers and rangers. Neither care what your riding only that you have a pass and are not hurting the environment.
The wsp will be observing infarctions committed on converted bikes . lots of infractions from converted bikes may just be a nail in the coffin for the future of plated dirt bikes. WA is one of the few states that allow this. We are very lucky.

Bikes that never got their plates yanked or came originally with plates do not fall into this category. .Bikes that have been converted under SB5800 do.

ANY bike that was sold as off road only is required to be inspected and have the specific equipment installed for street use anywhere in WA

Fact is that the converted bikes are under more regs and scrutiny than any other bike in this state.

Last I looked, Kitsap was in WA and if your riding a converted bike without the proper equipment you could end up adding to those statistics that may eventually shut it down for all.
It sounds as though you may not have a converted bike?, if so you would be very much up to speed on the regs.
I ride Kitsap quite often and have been stopped for a friendly checkout.

I'm all for running minimalistic equipment if you can legally do so,
My personal dual sport has no blinkers,or horn but its not a converted dirt bike under the law.
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