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Originally Posted by kneedrag View Post
I believe the 15K service cost just shook me loose from purchasing one of these. My trusty R1200GS doesn't cost me that much even with over 50K miles of travel........

It doesn't matter what you do this on as long as it is what you want to be on. I get a lot of shit for riding a F 650 GS twin and amit that the name of it pisses me off for some reason, but I don't care because the bike is ME. That is in no small part of just one of the things so compelling about the Anti Hero RR. He rode his ride and overcame , simplified and put the bike where he wanted it to go. Someone once said in a post on another forum far away , just look where you want to go and take your bike with you. Now that is a speed racers idiom but it applies on other levels and describes for me what this guy proves in spades.

That said, the ride report may have make a lull in Stada sales for the Pennigale, but the maintenance report made the case for the MS in my view. Both interesting bikes but I've been jonesin 'for a Strada ever since i demo'd one in Atlanta. With the intervals the same as the penigale but the effort (hours) required to accomplish said maintenance the strada squeaks past the pennigale for those plebean enough as I am to need assurances about outlay. This is from a guy who put 40+K on an R 1200 RT in less than 18 months and spent in the neighborhood of 12K for tires maintenance and parkles at one dealership in the Atlanta area. That was a wake up for me. Adventure be damned I gotta eat and 12 grand put a kink in my plow chain so that was when I popped for the F bike and pretty much do my own maintenance now and before long will even have my own tire changer . I like to ride not spend money so you gotta learn shit and do your own . That is pheasable on a little twin like the F bikes and or older air heads but the Beemers keep getting more and more sophisticated and that means techs need to be called on for maintenance mroe and more.

OK I'm getting too wordy so I'll stop and read some more of this delicious RR and look forward to putting more out of town miles on the little Beemer going forward.
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