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Settling in back home was difficult for some. Others just seemed to get right back in the swing of things. It depended a lot on your MOS. The front line grunt had the hardest time and still has a few problems. Another ran munitions along the DMZ , and another a door gunner who was shot down twice. All three are from the same small Miss. town. Another who was a career Marine officer probably had the easiest time because he was around others who knew what he had been through. He was an adviser early, then a line officer, then in intelligence for MACV. I think for an 18 year old with a short time to get used to the military and then thrown into combat it's especially hard to come to grips with what happened.You're scared, sleeping with snakes, bugs , and leeches, and don't know if today is your last day. Then you're sent home to a nation that derides everything you just did for them and told " Have a nice day, get over it" . Thanks again for all you did.
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