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Ok, so I am close to pulling the trigger on one of these. I need more info before I negotiate. First let me give some more information on me. I have a Triumph Tiger 800 Roadie that I love. Left hand surgery has weakened my hand enough that clutch lever operation is causing pain. Oddly enough long trips are not the problem because most of my long distance trips include highway miles, some interstate, some secondary roads, but not a lot of shifting so my left hand gets enough rest between twisties so I'm ok. My problem is day rides, mostly with my Harley friends, where we seldom go over 70 and usually ride between 60 and 65. These rides include a lot of shifting and my left hand is killing me after 30 minutes. Some of these guys have 6 gallon tanks. I have no problem showing up on a scooter, in fact I like the idea, but I really don't want to ALWAYS be the guy who needs to stop for gas first. So I really need a range of 220 miles to make sure that does not happen. My T800 has the range, but its killing me on the day rides. I want something like the BV 350 that has no clutch, enough speed, range, day trip comfort, priced right because I'm keeping the Triumph and have limited funds for a second bike. So my main concern is range at Harley speeds?
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