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Awesome! Thank you for your reply and advise. Do you still have your RD or do you have any photos?
I do still have my RD, but I don't have any pictures to post right now. I plan to sell it in the spring, but I know I'll regret it. I've put a lot into it. It's built to the hills, engine-wise. Ported cylinders, pipes, squished heads, MZB ignition, and a bunch of other stuff. Last summer I had it and my BMW /5 plated and insured, and it was all I could handle and justify. Currently I'm building up an old Moto Guzzi, and I'll NEVER let go of the BMW, so something's got to give. I figure, the RD is the one that I'd most likely kill or maim myself on, so I guess it is the one to go. I swear, I just CANT get on it without going 100mph. I tell myself at the beginning of the ride that I'm going to take it easy, but before you know it, I'm on the pipe and I can't stop. With the ported cylinders, it's kind of weak below 7K, but kept above that, it just pulls and pulls and before you know it you're turning 9500 in fifth with another gear to go. What a blast!
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