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Originally Posted by BCC View Post
I get upgraded lots and and am preferred with most airlines, so I always carry-on and never check (I'm at an airport now).

If you're lugging weight, wheels are best and backpacks second best. Tumi is the way to go for either.
Yep. I've had a Tumi leather garment bag since 1988, it's an awesome bag but I should have gotten ballistic for the weight; I traveled around the world with it for about five years, now it sits in a closet - still functional, I just don't need a garment bag since I stopped wearing suits to work. I also have an expandable ballistic carry bag and a ballistic wheeled bag with a handle, both from Tumi, I've had each of them for about 15 years. All of my Tumi bags have over a million miles on them, and each is still functional. I've replaced a couple of zippers over time, but that's it - no rips or tears. It's expensive stuff, but worth it. Not as stylish as a Filson, but it works and it will last you a career and look good doing it, and black ballistic nylon never looks dated. I've taken to traveling with one of the smaller carry-on bags and a backpack; I have a nice Tumi leather briefcase and a Brenthaven ballistic computer bag that I used to take everywhere, but I prefer the convenience of a backpack since computer, iPad, chargers, etc. became a centerpiece of life on the road.
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