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Another mile marker today! Braved the sand and beat it, (sort of)
The trip along the coast to Ford Pickens was for the most part beautiful, especially after the buildings disappeared.
Some of them were quite unique however.

I think this is a hotel of sorts, but I love the little turrets and such

This kind of sand is like sugar, very fine but gritty. Even though it was sunny, the temperature was chilly, and I ha no problem imaging it to be snow.

I parked Spirit and walked on the beach. Took a pic of this small Dune, very Feng Shuai (not sure how you write that)

I guess it's because of the white sand and the blue sky that the ocean manages to be this vivid Augua

I take way to little pics of Spirit, she must feel neglected!

Haha, this was worth stopping for!

I got into Fort Pickens National park for free, didn't realize it was a national park until the ranger told me. Awesome!

For a second I played with the thought of just paying for a campsite there, I was tired, not having slept well last night really made a difference.
When I saw the amount of RVs, complete with dish network dishes in front of them, I decided against it.

The road to Hwy 87 was fast, and went over even more bridges

There was a $3.75 toll on the last one, but I didn't mind, not if it meant a free campsite.

Now............ one of these days I will learn how to read instructions! I kept looking for a gate, and when I saw one, I just saw red dirt/sand roads, and a warning no trespassing sign.
I ended up asking a guy in a truck, who gave me the directions to Grassy Hill.

Of course when someone says take a right on a dirt road 2 or 3 miles, after you turn right on Choctaw Road, I inevitably chose 2 instead of three miles, LOL

Needles to say, I picked the wrong road, and after hitting some sandy stretches, which I bravely navigated standing on my pegs and leaning back, I hit a stretch where I just went "No way Jose!"

I did what any sane person, who doesn't do sand too well, would do, namely ride with my two legs walking on either side of my seat like training wheels.
At one point I turned left, seeing as I could see from my GPS that the bay was to the left.

I parked Spirit and decided to see how far this mess would go.
After about 3 minutes worth of walking stuff got even hairier! A black coyote crossed my path, cool!
I decided to turn my bike around and go back, I didn't like the idea, but the alternative was just too plumb scary

I got back on the road without dropping Spirit! Yay! I was drenched and exhausted.

I did find the correct road a little further down. So much more pleasant!

As I got to the campsite, I noticed a yellow tent, and a motorbike! Cool Another biker like my found this spot.

Once I said hi and parked my bike he walked up and said something like, " l get to meet the "famous"? NomadGal and Spirit. Surprised the heck out of me.
Turns out he was NoMoIke, and he had read my RR. LOL, that is just too weird!
He also had sent me a PM about 45 minutes before I rode into the campsite.

Anyway, the two of us are camped out here at this very beautiful and idyllic free campsite. I even have cell signal, hence the RR update

The gentle lapping of the waves is going to knock me out in just a few minutes.
More tomorrow! Good night!
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